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Unable to remove from collection

I have tv shows that I've tried removing from my collections. It responded that it was removed but a short time later it's back in the collection. How do I remove them permanently?

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I'm having the same issue. How do I remove tv shows from my collection .Any luck?

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No luck at all. Still waiting. Sometimes, going to the Tract website will remove it from collection but most of the time it fails.

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Click a collected book icon again and you’ll get a prompt confirming you want to remove that item from your collected.

If this isn't happening, what happens when you try clicking again to remove it?  Are you only having this problem on or are you connected to some apps that are showing your collection incorrectly?

Also, try  This can fix a lot of issues on

Please open a ticket if you need help investigating the issue.

I've used the Diggs build and the Track website to try and remove from collection. It gets removed but returns over and over. Sometimes it eventually gets removed. Other times I block it in calendar. However, if it is an older show series, there's no calendar. Periodically, I get what I call ghost shows. Shows that I've either removed a long time ago or have never requested. Thank you for any help.
The speedy Gonzales cartoon continues to pop up on my favorites I remove it over and over, it's racist and offensive to me!
@Kevin Osmond. Start your own topic thread. Don't hijack.

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I have the same problem and it doesn't look like anybody is getting any answers.

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I'm having the same issue! I have removed from the calendar and all the watched episodes of two shows that I used to watch. However it still keeps populating them back on my list. How do I remove them permanently? They are really getting to be annoying. Please help
I do have a theory. Like yourself Oataviwer I use Diggz builds love them, but over the years apps have come and gone. So if you added a tv show with say numbers to trakts that could be a reason. But it's theses random ones I can't explain. As I said theory.
I'm still trying to remove shows from my watch list. It now literally replies with a pop-up window that says..." can't remove shows from your list or calendar".... What kind of service is this. And you can't even contact customer service on here for help either

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In the advanced section of your settings, you can reset your browser data. This usually clears up those items that can get stuck. Feel free to submit a support ticket if that doesn't help. 

I've had the exact same problem trying to remove from watch list and show tracker 2. It shows that it was deleted and then about a day later it all shows right back up... I've reset the data I've done everything and it does not help
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