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Lifetime Pass to Plex Scrobbler

My problem is that I want to use the Plex Scrobbler, and I'm willing to pay, but I hate subscriptions. This is why I purchased the lifetime Plex Pass a while back.

When I discovered Trakt had an integration option, I was hoping that there would be a similar lifetime option so I'm not stuck with another subscription.

Unfortunately this is not offered, and I was wondering if it could be. If this is not possible, would an option to (one-time) purchase the Plex Scrobbler feature by itself be possible?

The other VIP features could stay in the subscription.


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+1. I think I've emailed them about this before, and was about to do it again right now after talking to my friend about subscription fees. I would pay $100 for a lifetime VIP membership, but don't really have interest in $30/year and therefore don't take full advantage of the platform.

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