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Reformatting Mobile Progress Page for Clarity

I have had my Progress page bookmarked to my home screen on my Android phones for numerous years now. Functionality-wise, it's so well made that I see no reason for an app, and I want to thank you sincerely again for that as I have praised for this before. However, there is one small but very relevant detail that I personally feel would make your mobile site considerably more comprehensible and user-friendly: Reformatting the episodes so instead of displaying Title → Progress Bar → Screenshot/Visual Aid instead it displays as Title → Screenshot/Visual Aid → Progress Bar


On the mobile site, the Title is considerably far away from the Visual Aid which contains the controls (checking as watched, adding to my collection, saving to lists, and displaying streamable sources). This is because of the distance that the Progress Bar puts between them. What's worse, the Visual Aid for one show is far closer to the title of the next show on the list than it is to its own title, and the legibility of that is easily confused, as seen in this link [pics:]. As you can see, the Visual Aid for Doom Patrol is too easily confused with the Title and Progress of Ted Lasso on my Progress page. And honestly, it took me years of consistently using the mobile site before habit finally overrode logic and I stopped confusing which Title and Progress Bar belonged to which Visual Aid.

Personally, I especially expect to see the info displayed below the prominent Visual Aid (which on desktop is the Poster preceding all other show details) because on the desktop site the episode info is displayed left → right [pic:], and this typically redistributes to up → down on mobile. With the poster gone, most eyes will first look for the next best Visual Aid, which on mobile is the Screenshot with all the controls. So by simply keeping the Title above the Visual Aid and having the Progress Bar beneath it, almost all potential for confusion is eliminated as seen in this mockup I made: [pic:]. And yes, I am so serious about this needing to change that I went ahead and crafted it in html myself, simply so there would be essentially no practical excuse for this to be turned down outside of a fancy for the illogical. (And if it helps to know, I split the 50-pixel spacing that was between the Title and the Progress Bar so they each were now spaced 25 pixels away from the Visual Aid, meaning each show takes the exact same amount of space as the current formatting.)

To reiterate, I'm asking that when formatted for mobile that you only move the Progress Bar from the top of the Visual Aid to beneath it while leaving the Title up top. Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate both your website and the user service I have experienced in the past. Keep killing it.

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