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User comparison

Compare your watched and watchlist between users and friends.

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When you're looking at other users pages, the purple checkmarks, the blue list icons and such refer to your watched history not the other user's.

Was that what you meant?

Not quite.

What you're describing I think works well and as intended.

I'd like a page where I can select another user and I can get a comparison of watched time, most watched movies for example. Or a page where I can compare my watchlist with that of another user and see if there are common items and how long they've been on the list, stuff like that.

Again still not exactly what you're asking for, but check out these VIP features: All Time Stats and Year in Review.  Currently VIPs can look at other VIPs stats if their profiles are public.

Your suggestion would definitely an interesting way to expand stats and encourage the social side of Trakt.

Perhaps something like what has, would be nice: if you visit another persons profile, you see their affinity to you.. I have no clue how it's calculated. And you can also see the shared anime and how you both rated it, and the ones that are unique to each you, and the other person.

Example of mine and my friend who's also on Trakt (non-VIP):

That's correct, I'd like a way to know which movies a friend has watched that I haven't or the opposite, and possibly compare ratings.

Same for TV shows, but in that case it's probably easier to compare progress.

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