Trakt supports email, push and desktop notifications to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), Slack, Pushover, and Pushbullet. Get push notifications when someone follows you, @mentions you, replies to your comment, likes your comment, comments on your list, and likes your lists.

What do the notifications look like?

Email notifications are pretty self explanatory. Here’s a look at what the other channels look like.

Browser Notifications

Browser notifications show up as simple overlays, click one and it will open up the corresponding page on For Safari on OSX, this also adds any missed notifications to your notification center. Note: Your browser needs to be open to receive notifications, but you don’t have to be browsing Trakt.

OSX Notification Center (enable Safari notifications)

Standard browser notification.

Slack Notifications

A lot of us use Slack for work, so why not get some rich Trakt notifications in there too? Sending to @slackbot is usually a good choice so you don’t spam your co-workers. As a bonus, you’ll also get some handy /trakt commands. Read more about our Slack integration.


Pushover is a cross platform (iOS, Android, Desktop, Browser) notification system that works well to deliver Trakt notifications. If you prefer mobile alerts, this will work well for you.


Pushbullet is an additional cross platform (iOS, Android, Desktop, Browser) notification system to deliver Trakt notifications. This is also a good option for mobile alerts.

Connect your notification channels.

All of your notification channels can be connected in the Notifications settings (email is enabled by default). Clicking the connect button for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari will display a browser prompt requesting permissions to send you desktop notifications. Clicking the connect button for Slack, Pushover, or Pushbullet will redirect to their website where you’ll sign in, grant access to, then be redirected back to your settings page.

Configure your notifications.

There are separate notification settings for each type of notification. There will be a column on the right for each connected notification channel. Go through each setting and enable it for the channels you’d like to be notified on. Tip: Click the channel icon to quickly toggle all the boxes for that section.

Future notifications.

We’re always looking to expand the notification features and have some ideas for VIP only notifications too. If you have a suggestion or notification channel we might want to use, drop us a note in support.

Support Trakt & become a VIP!

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