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When I select "Recommend This Show/Movie" I'm asked to enter a qualifying comment as to why I recommend it, which is fine.  However, after submitting the recommendation, where does it go?  How can I view/edit the comment that I've written?  How do I view other people's recommendations/comments? The recommendation comments I've submitted don't seem to appear in the general list of comments, in the same way as if I'd just submitted a standard comment.

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The recommendation notes appear on the title that you recommended. If you go to your recommendations on your profile, if the item has notes, small text at the bottom of the photo will appear that says "READ NOTES". If you hover over that, the notes will appear (see screenshot). These don't currently appear in the app, but likely will at some point. Also note, you can leave the text box blank so you do not have to comment on each recommendation.

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