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Adjusting date ranges on watch history page

Hey, so, I recently signed up for VIP, and I was hoping this would give me more options in the "history" view for looking back on my watch history. Being able to go to a specific month, a specific year, or a specific week... or perhaps even enter a specific date range.

All of these views already exist, as a random example, here's my viewing history for Jan 2014:
but as far as I am aware, currently I can only access these views through the "all time stats" or the "year in review" pages, or by modifying the URL itself, so it's all a bit cumbersome.

Would love to be able to adjust these date ranges on the "History" page itself, perhaps with some kind of drop-down calendar interface.

I suppose such an opportunity is not available due to some restrictions. All similar services provide usual access to history. 

I believe you should choose another option if you need adjustments for history so much. Try to use netflix mod apk instead. 

This feature was actually just added. Some info about it here:

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