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Futurama seasons missing.

There is only to be 7 seasons on trakt when there are 10 seasons on IMDb and Disney.


imagePlease notify us of an issue by clicking the Report Show (Movie/Season/Episode/Person) on the listing.  This allows us to sort and filter more efficiently and to automate parts of the update process. 

To report a listing, click Report towards the bottom of the left sidebar of the Movie, Show, Season, or Person listing . Once you've clicked imagethe Report button, select a reason on the reporting pop-up, and provide as many details as possible in the message box.  If you're reporting duplicates, please include the link(s) to the other listing too.  If there are lots of duplicates, providing a link to those search results is also accepted.  

Reports in settings shows your reports and their statuses: pending, approved, paused, and rejected.  

For more info on the metadata update process, check out All About Metadata.  

This still has not been fixed. He is correct about the issue.

Trakt matches TMDB and TVDB. It looks like all of the episodes are there, some services just categorize them as separate seasons. 

Nah, I looked. They aren’t anywhere else, and if they are it isn’t reasonably possible to find them. I reported to them directly. I encourage you to do the same to get your database correct.
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