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Not syncing

Had to delete my favorite TV Tracker and attempt to re-sync my shows. NOTHING since December 20, 2021. Downloaded new app to sync TV shows. NOTHING. Please help.

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Hi, from 1.1.2022 movies and shows are not syncing. Do u know whats happend? I logged out, logged in, resinstall app in phone and stb...nothing helpfull...thanx for using android app

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Check dashboard! They think I'm a new customer all the sudden after over five years! Trakt says 'not their fault' yet have no history for that time... I'm new.
My movies that I have saved on is syncing right away but not my tv shows on Cinema HD?? What's going on? Amazon Fire TV isn't what it used to be? Is it the cable and streaming companies coming for apps from unknown sources that allowes us to watch free programming??
My tv show collection not syncing in all my kodi addons. I hope you guys can help me.

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I was expecting an answer? Guess Trakt don't have an legitimate support system?

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I'm having the same issues with my trakt syncing with my apps. They have not synced for some time. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? Thanks

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Is someone going answer my question or help me in someway? My tv show collection not syncing in all my kodi addons can someone please help me with this problem?
I feel you...I'm still waiting for answers?? These websites bill themselves up with your information and membership and can care less about you!! is no different!!
Same issue.

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Same here. I don't remember when exactly it stopped working, maybe 3 weeks ago. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Don't seem to be anybody listening? How do we keep making these people powerful and then they leave us to fend for ourselves?? This is all of them from, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram and etc.
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Yes, it started at least two weeks ago. I contacted support last week and they said, it is a third party API problem. However, is is happening to all my different third party apps.

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Why am I paying for VIP when this application is not syncing properly? I have two Amazon Fire Sticks oh, one on the TV in the bedroom and one on my living room TV. I have an app that I used to watch TV and movies and it's the same on both Fire Sticks. I have the same trakt account on both Fire Sticks. Why am I getting different things showing up as my watchlist when I have the same account for both? It's not something to do with the app itself because my watch shows are in the trakt app!
Hi since my Kodi add-on, Verum stopped working. Trakt doesn't work with new add-on. Please can you help
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