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iCal feed of Watchlist, limited to your subscribed services/channels

I set up an iCal feed on my Watchlist (accessed under "Lists" in my profile), but I cannot change its iCal URL to reflect the services/channels I subscribe to.  The calendar reflects the shows anywhere they are broadcast.  Filtering by Streaming Service only changes what is displayed on the webpage, but not the iCal URL.

I then set up a filter under Calendar which included all my services/channels and saved it.  I then discovered that Google calendar has what appears to be a 256-character limit on the URL (I even used Tiny Url, but it was the length of the actual URL that was the problem).

I then split things up to create multiple URLs, each under 256 characters.  However, these only showed one week schedule, while the Watchlist showed more than one week.

How can I get the full-schedule Watchlist iCal feed, but restricted to my services/channels?


I think you should be able to add the url, for example, I created a custom calender just for this to test, with only ABC shows. When I click the ical icon, it just adds "&network=ABC" to the regular URL.

If you have so many different networks you wanna load up, I think you should just import multiple URLs indeed.

Or is this exactly what you tried? idk


Thanks, but when I tried this, via the Calendar, it only showed the shows for a single week (the calendar view displayed when the iCal URL was created).

I think that _might_ be intended. Then when the week/month is over, it shifts to the next week/month on trakt, and the ical feed is updated. At least I think that's how it worked... but it might be worth to give it a try to change your calender settings to monthly if you haven't already!

At least on my phone, the calender was always updated, but i don't have the ical feed anymore when i got a new phone. 

Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm just going to live with the Watchlist iCal feed and the extra notifications for services I don't receive.  When I last tried the Calendar feeds they did not update.

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