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Adult movies on Trakt


Porn movies are on TMDB but not on Trakt. Can they be enabled for Trakt please, hentai is already on Trakt so I see no difference/problem in allowing porn movies.


Could also add an option in the profile to hide content with "n Rating" and above.


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If you want adult content, look elsewhere. Just because some hentai is on Trakt, doesn't mean it should be.

Anything with the Adult:true flag doesn't get imported.

For hentai, there's lots of databases to track it, for porn, no clue. But I'm sure you can find some ;-)

So you're ok with seeing cartoon nudity just not real?  There is no difference in that, that is what I am saying. a filter in the profile can be added for people who don't want it. (Which I think should be done for hentai anyway)

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No. They both shouldn’t be there. It’s just if someone vandalizes the data on TMDb it gets imported…. I’ve reported hentai and other stuff with adult flag that was wrongly removed in the past before. I.e just because something is on trakt doesn’t mean something that is alike is allowed to be. Stuff slips through and people abuse edit rights lmao.

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It is as Marr pointed out; some people forget the adult flag, intentionally don't set it or even remove it to get them imported to wherever (letterboxd users are also doing that for example). Once data is on trakt it won't disappear even if the flag gets set afterwards. 

The admins are also are against nudity on artwork, etc. so certain movies even get blocked despite not being that (manually). I've tried arguing the case for certain movies as "not porn" with Justin before but he never budged as this doesn't really concern them much.

I would be very surprised if this will ever be enabled. Competition like letterboxd recently opted into it and pixelated them but the titles are curated /

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