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Feature to hide actors

This might sound like a stupid feature on the surface, but for cartoons & anime I like to be in the dark about who the voice actors are behind the characters in cartoons and anime. I dont want to know what the actors look like, because that isnt part of the media content. I dont want to know the face behind the voice- because to me it breaks the illusion of the character and all of a sudden in a way I see and hear the voice of the voice actor as opposed to just watching the anime/cartoon character talking.

Everytime I view trakt pages for anime and cartoon content I have to remind myself to squint or shield my eyes or to scroll down really quickly, as to avoid this situation. And very often Im not successful in doing so (usually because I dont always remember this particular problem everytime I visit a page). It would be nice if there were to be an opt-in option to blur cast pictures by default (with a feature to unblur on the page if the user chooses to unblur for that particular page at that time).

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*edit: "...all of a sudden in a way I see the face and hear the voice of the voice actor..."

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