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Pushover Notifications for Episode Releases

I know you have email digest notifications for episode releases, but I'm a huge fan of Pushover for this kind of thing. Is it feasible to send a Pushover notification in real time for every episode that is released? It would be for shows I'm following, and the notification would alert me to where I can find this show from the services I'm subscribed to. The email digest lists the show and which network its on, but that's not as useful to me as which service I can find it on. Last Week Tonight is on HBO, but you have to know that HBO is carried by Crave in Canada for that to be useful.

For example, if a new episode of Hell's Kitchen is released, I'll be notified that I can find it on Amazon Prime here in Canada.

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Apologies for the delayed response.  But this is already possible!  Configure here: Notifications Settings

I think that only notifies for the network it's on, like original poster said.

Not for the streaming service/network that airs it in original poster's country. For example Amazon Prime.

Notifications for pushover, slack et cetera, are only for Trakt social activity, not the release updates, that seems to be mail-only.

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