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Display the Current Status: Renewed, Cancelled, etc

Please add a feature to display the Current Status of a TV Show, IE: Pending, Renewed, Cancelled, Completed, etc. If Renewed, also display the anticipated release timing, IE: "Winter 2021".

It would also help to display the latest episode date and the next episode date on the main page of a TV Show. This way users don't have to dig into the seasons/episodes to make sure they have watched the last episode, and to know when the next episode will air.

Other sites do this well (for example, and I know many fans want to see this information! I've attached a screenshot from another site as an example.

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If you're current on a show, the up next to watch has the air date and time of the next episode.

If the shows was cancelled or ended etc, the "Airs" field would be that status.

Our data sources don't have a field for a show's airing contract status - pending, renewed, etc.  If they ever do and have it in their API, we would add that to the listing.

If you look on the far left towards the bottom, you'll find a collection of links to other sites. You'll usually find the show's status for new seasons, renewals, and cancellations on Wikipedia.

I appreciate there's a link to WIkipedia.  However, our primary data sources are TMDB and TVDB and have API connections.

@Kate - My comment was directed at the OP in an attempt to help them ascertain that info. I realize that Wikipedia is no place to be pointing your API.

@funwoowoo12345 Gotcha!  Thanks for the clarification.

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