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Mark show as dropped or abandoned

 Similar to myanimelist and anilist, can I mark shows as dropped that I quit after watching some episodes and never plan on picking it up ever again? This would also stop the show from being shown in up next to watch section.

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The old stuff isn't showing here yet but I think they are very much aware of this request since it was the most popular suggestion by miles previously:

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How do I delete shows that are on my list but I do not watch anymore. And is there a HUMAN we can talk to? I never get anywhere

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I agree. Having different lists like On Hold, Dropped will make it so much easier. 

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Hidden feature is different. There are shows like kid show pepe kid cartoon animation. İf i see them in anywhere, i mark them hidden/not interested Becase i know/ hate those shows . İ will never start to watch them. *Dropped * is different. İ watched TV series supernatural for s1 to s5. After s5 it turns to shit. İ mark it dropped. There is progress of 5 season. That is the difference!!!! We need a flag to differentiate them from eacother. Not Interested( kid show i will never watchem . pepe and locomotive ) Dropped ( supernatural, yeah it was good show but it become average to bad show . Thats why i dropped it) So is it reasonable to put pepe and supernatural in the same category??
Or alternative, to make dropped like system. NotInterested is : hidden with ZeroProgress Dropped: hidden with some progress ( at least one episode is watched)
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